Soft Ferrite Materials
Permanent Magnets
Electric Sensors

Ferrite Cores and Components

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Ferrite Materiala
Mn-Zn Materials with high Permeability,
Ni-Zn Materialis with low Permeability
E Cores and Variants
EF-, EI-, EED-, EER-, EFD-, EP-, EPC-, ET- and ETS-Cores
U Cores and Variants
UU-, UT- and UI-Cores  
P-Cores and Variants
POT-, PC- und PQ-Kerne
R Cores and Variants
R-, RM-, RH-, RID- and RHW-Cores  
DR Cores and Variants
DR-, DRH- and Drum-Cores
Other Cores
OR-/T-, SH-, SDR-, AP- and AR-Cores  
Custom Made Ferrite Cores
Soft ferrite cores and components can be made according to the technical requirements of Customers.

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